Monday, 3 June 2013

Nottingham Shenanigans!

This weekend was one of my best friends hen party in Nottingham, and I have had the best weekend ever!! We had BBQ's in the park, drunken nights out and participated in 'it's a knockout!'. Apart from the awful sunburn which has rendered me incapable of dressing myself properly, and the mass of bruises I have accumulated from head to toe, its been brilliant and I am already suffering from the blues...

So, to cheer myself up (and because I cant outfit post due to my awful technicolor appearance) I thought I would share the weekend pictures and outfit choices with you.

 Also, I am sorry about the quality of a few of them, they were taken with my iphone!!

 This was Friday nights dress. I am so glad I hacked up this dress, it has quickly become one of my absolute favorites! We had a couple of drinks and a meal - not a massively heavy night.

 This was Saturday nights outfit and you can already see the start of the sunburn through the mesh panel's... not a good look...

This was 'its a knock out' day and our big night out!!
How cute are our Minnie Mouse ears??

 I hope all you guys a fantastic weekend too! 

I promise to post again soon as my sunburn has gone...

Sarah xxx

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  1. that black dress is gorgeous!!
    new follower btw! loving your blog