Monday, 20 May 2013

Staring At Stars

So, whilst shopping last week in Leeds I stumbled into the brand new Urban Outfitters and managed to spend once again, more money than I can actually afford!! 
I know that I have already posted this shirt on Instagram but I was asked a few questions about it so I thought I could answer them in more detail here. Also I thought if there was any one thinking of purchasing this online there are some things I thought you may need to know...

Firstly, The brand is UO own 'Staring At Stars'. Secondly, I am always an extra small or small but I bought this shirt in a medium. I really wanted the slashed open shoulder look but with the smaller sizes the effect was not as obvious. Also all the prints on all the shirts are different, I actually took it back and swapped it because of a small fault and realized after this shirt has a lot more green in it and I actually prefer it, so make sure you check! Last of all, I noticed after washing it did shrink slightly so make sure you allow for that when buying as there is nothing worse than getting that perfect fit/length and it coming out different after one wash!

I am so glad I bought this shirt, I love wearing it layered with my black body con or with my American Apparel Disco Pants. But, I can't wait for the warmer weather so I can tuck into my Levi shorts with bare legs and sandals!!!

Come on Summer I am soooo fed up of my black tights!!!

I also bought this necklace as I realized I hardly own any gold jewellery, and some times silver just does not always work! I loved the vintage feel and its the perfect length for me.

I hope this was helpful for you all! 

Sarah xxx


  1. LOVE the shirt :)

    Kisses xxx