Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Kimonos and Crochet

I have a huge love for kimonos, they can be thrown over anything and are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit!

So when back in January (after months of promising my other half) I finally cleared my wardrobe and came across an old shirt that was an awful fit with an amazing print. I unpicked the collar and buttons, run it through my sewing machine and the rest is history! 

I love my customised kimono and realised I could actually make these from scratch so watch this space for my handmade kimonos for sale hopefully very soon!! 

I love wearing mine with my Evil Twin crochet dress and it also looks great with my vintage Levi shorts and a band tee. I just need to book a beach holiday now so I can wear it with my bikini!

I couldn't resist taking my pictures outdoor today and making the most of the sunshine and this beautiful blossom tree! Fingers crossed that summer is finally here to stay so I can finally pack all my winter clothes away!

I hope you enjoyed my post and let me know if you would want one of my kimonos.

Sarah xxx


  1. Hey, I love your kimono. It's such a good idea to make it from an old shirt. I know you wrote you would like to make them to sell but if you dont get around to it, I know I would love a little DIY as to how you did it. I love abit of old fashioned DIY.

    Megan :-)

  2. Hey Megan,

    Thank you for your comment!

    I ordered some fabric for kimonos so as soon as it arrives they will be up for sale on my blog!

    I have been thinking about making a tutorial on how to make a kimono and on tie dying so watch this space!

    Sarah xxx