Friday, 3 May 2013

Instagram Best Bits

While I am waiting to get my camera sorted out to do a proper blog post for you guys, I thought I would share some of my favorite Instagram posts with you.

I get asked a lot where I get things from and some times I miss my comments (so sorry if yours was one of them!) so I looked through my profile and selected the outfits that got asked the most questions!

This dress is one of my all time favorites! Its by a
brand called Evil Twin and I love the fit and skater shape as I find it super flattering on my pear shaped figure. I bought it from Urban Outfitters in the sale back in January. I had wanted it for ages but at £90 I really couldn't justify it but then spotted it on the sale rail for £50!

My crescent moon necklace is by Empty Casket which can be found at:

The bird skull necklace is by Traditional Heart

I have a bit of habit of stealing my boyfriends band t shirts  This is definitely one of my (his) favorites  This one is from a heavy metal  music festival in Wales. The necklace is Topshop and the skirt is Urban Outfitters which I love but every time I wash it I am sure it gets shorter!!

The Dr Marten's are a very prominent feature through out my wardrobe, I love them so much! I would recommend these boots to anyone who is thinking of buying a pair, they are super comfy and practical and go with EVERYTHING!

 The shorts are H&m and I stole this top from a friend a while back and its originally a Topshop piece. I love the sheer front so I can flash a little flesh but the back is solid so I that I am not flashing too much!

I think my Jeffrey Campbell Litas are my best heel purchase ever! I am terrible in high heels but because these are platforms I can actually walk in these without looking like John Wayne and they look AMAZING on too!

I love my Vivienne Westwood clutch bag, I take it everywhere with me and I like that I can add and take away the strap too.

I got another bargain with this Evil Twin Crochet dress (you will see that I have a bit of a Minkpink and Evil Twin obsession) It was originally £120 but I got it in the Urban Outfitters sale for £20 with free postage - think its the bargain of my life!!!

My oversized Levi is vintage from Urban Outfitters, the evil eye necklace is Evil Twin and once again my trusty Dr Marten boots.

My Hat is by Abandon Ship Apparel. I love the writing on it and the giant orange love heart under the turn up!

The black unicorn tee was a present from my other half but I have seen these all over Ebay. My boyfriend knows I like my over sized tee so he ordered it in a medium but its still very fitted so be careful when ordering yours!

The Levi shorts are vintage Urban Outfitters, the necklace is H&M, the belt is Pepe Jeans and my hat is from Ebay.

Got to love Ebay, I find you can pretty much get everything you wanted on here eventually! I spend hours trawling through it and I have had some amazing pieces from there over the years!

My top is by Tea and Cake from Topshop. I couldn't resist this when I saw it, I love anything with cats on! The only thing I would change about this is that I wish it was longer, unless it is tucked into something it doesn't really look right on me. I have a short torso and long legs so it makes me look way out of proportion!

My tartan scarf is from Ebay and I think everything else has already been mentioned above!
I absolutely LOVE my Sister Jane dress! I wanted it for such a long time and been lusting over it on ASOS but managed to get it on Ebay brand new for half the price! It fits amazingly well but because I am quite short so it was to my knees so I had to take it up. I originally bought this for a wedding but I have found myself wearing this for all sorts of occasions!

The coat is by a brand called Fount and Ivy the woman who designs it is an amazing person. Her designs are perfect every season and her prices are amazing! you should definitely go check her out:

The fur stole is Topshop that came with a coat.
 My vest is by Jac Vanek:
I have loved her designs for a while now so I decided to take the plunge and invest. I was surprised how good the total price was for the item and shipping from the US to the UK. The quality of the top is really good and the top fits really well!

the trousers are American Apparel disco pants, the hat is Urban Outfitters and the shoes are Jeffrey Campbell Freda's which I love but I am scared to wear out because they are suede!I have worn them out to a couple of restaurants but I know if I wear them in a club and someone spills a drink on them they will wish they had never been born!!!!

The blouse is one of my favorite charity shop finds. I hacked out the shoulder pads and took it in by an inch or two as it was enormous! It was originally the pattern that caught my eye and I love the length (just past bum length)

The lace tee is Topshop and the boots are another pair of my trusty Dr Martens although this pair is starting to look a little sorry for itself!

This tee is one of my handmade Blood Red Moon pieces. I adore sunflower prints and I know that florals are always big for spring so when I saw this fabric I knew I had to buy it and get making!

The hat is also a Blood Red Moon piece. I am really loving this seasons grungy 90's vibe and I like how the beanie hat has now become a bit of a wardrobe staple no matter what your wearing so I thought I would make my own little range. I also have Loveheart hats and (of course) cat hats!

Another Minkpink Item. This baroque print dress was a bit of a impulsive purchase whilst in Leeds with a friend but I am so glad I did it! I have worn it for nights out, though the day and layered with knitwear in the colder months. I am hoping to get my hands on (or make) a sheer black kimono for the summer to layer with this for the spring and summer months now that it has finally arrived...

This dress is about 5 years old and its from Forever 21. I love the vintage feel of this piece and the fit is really flattering but I found over the years that every time I wash it its getting shorter and shorter and I can now only wear this dress with tights, which sucks!!! Hate it when that happens.

I bought this dress last year for my best friends hen do in Cardiff. It is not normally something I would choose with me having white hair and being so pale but I fell in love with it immediately and it looked much nicer on than I had anticipated. I love the cut out detail under the bust and the overall shape and fit.

The only thing I would advise with this dress if you have not already discovered it for yourself is not to drink beer or eat too much food in it as it does not look so hot when you have a food baby/beer belly...
The skeleton top was another of my many bargains from Urban Outfitters. It was £14.50 in the sale and has been such a good purchase! Its a great length and looks good tucked in or just thrown over a pair of leggings.

The kimono was originally a shirt by Minkpink. I loved the fabric and print but found the excess of draped fabric on my hips unflattering when fastened up, so I decided to hack it up and make into a much more flattering kimono.

I am thinking of making these for Blood Red Moon so let me know if you are interested!

The black velvet it tee is another Minkpink creation from a couple of seasons ago. I love to wear this with my trusty Levi shorts or layered over a body con dress. I love anything and everything in velvet and you will begin to notice a lot of velvet in my wardrobe - and yes even in the summer!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it answered all your questions!

Sarah xxx

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