Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Falling In Love With Traditional Heart...

Everyone who knows me well will know that I have a serious jewellery addiction...or an unhealthy obsession...either way I own enough pieces to open my own jewellery shop!

I think the reason I own so much is that I think I need that certain piece in my life, wear it for a couple of weeks then get over it. Its unusual for me to become attached to certain items, but this is exactly what happened when I finally (after months of lusting) invested in a beautiful gold pentagram collar chain by the equally beautiful Kathryn who owns the Etsy shop Traditional Heart. Now, the rest is history!

I am now building up quite a collection of traditional heart jewels, and I love each and every single piece!

Here are my AMAZING Traditional Heart pieces...

The Spell

One For Sorrow

Twisted Hearts

The Craft

Karma Elephant Head Necklace 

(comes as a set of two with a Buddha for you and your bestie)

 Turquoise Tie Dye Socks

Yes, you can buy customized clothing and accessories from her shop too!! 

If you are looking for that perfect addition to your jewellery collection or looking for a gift for a special someone I would definitely recommend looking at what Traditional Heart has to offer!

Sarah xxx


  1. I LOVE traditional heart jewellery.. I've got the bird skull necklace and I don't go anywhere without it!



    1. Yes her pieces are amazing!! I am so in love with her jewellery and she has just brought some new styles!! I can see myself becoming very poor very quickly!!

      Sarah xxx