Sunday, 8 September 2013

Idle Hands

So sorry that my blog posts have been few and far between these past couple of weeks, I have just moved from one end of the country to the other and started a new and very demanding job!!
Also I have had problems with my camera so until it is resolved you will have to excuse the grainy iPhone pictures...
On a positive note though, how amazing are my new beautiful jewels from Idle Hands??
I am MASSIVELY in love with them!! She sells this matching set alongside taxidermy items on small pendants right through to floral headbands! I will be posting these pieces again in much better quality images very soon...probably alongside some more of her items! I definitely want to add more Idle Hands jewels to my ever expanding collection asap!!
I am wearing my stunning new items with my waxed effect jumper from H&M, Underground creepers and my Glamorous acid tie dye dress.

I was also thinking of doing a blog about office attire as I am required to dress smart as part of my new job. Being highly interested in fashion I am very much into pushing the boundaries whilst still looking professional! If you guys are interested let me know, if I get no feedback I wont do it as I know it would be a little out of sorts with my normal blog posts!
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!
Sarah xxx

Monday, 2 September 2013


I am so happy to be wearing my leather again, I really have missed wearing it! Also before you say it, I know I complain when it became cloudy and the sun disappeared but I am beyond excited now for knitwear, leather and layers for winter!!

I really love my Urban Outfitters dress, it has such a good fit and I really like the detail at the back. I got this in the sale at Christmas and I literally wear it to death! I teamed it with my favourite Glamorous leather jacket, juju sandals and jewellery from Empty Casket

Also, I just wanted to apologise again for the lack of posts these past couple of weeks, my new job is very demanding alongside moving house to the other side of the country, but I'm sure once I get back into the swing of things I will settle back into my blogging routine a little better!

Sarah xxx

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Winter Blues

I LOVE my new fluffy Topshop cardigan!! I have been looking for a fluffy jumper or cardigan for a while now and I could not believe my luck when I stumbled on this beauty in Primark, the last one and in my size, for £12!! Those who know me will know that I live in cardigans throughout winter, and this one is so soft and warm!! Is it bad that after complaining when the sun vanishes that I now want it to go and stay gone so I can live in this forever...??

Wearing my new beauty with my Minkpink dress, Dr Martens and jewels from Traditional Heart

Expect to see seeing lots more of this cardigan, I am apologizing in advance!!!

Sarah xxx

Friday, 23 August 2013

Leather and Lace 

 This has to be one of my all time favourite dresses! 
It is by  brand called Sister Jane who make the most stunning collections every season, ranging from pretty blouses to grunge inspired dresses!! Despite that their clothing is a little pricey, I did manage to snap up this dress on eBay! It was originally £65 and I got it for £20!! Yippee!
This dress has been worn for nights out, weddings and day time shopping trips so it has definitely been a good purchase too!

I am wearing my dress with my citrine silver dipped Daisy necklace by Delilah Dust and my ox blood Dr Martens.

Also you will have to excuse my pictures ranging from bright to dull, the sun couldn't decide if it was going in or staying out which is not good for my lighting!!

Sarah xxx

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Velvet Revolver

I can not get enough of my new choker and hand harness by Ryli in Ruin!

I love how it adds a cool grungy look and can completely transform an outfit!!
I am wearing my velvet burgundy burnout Topshop dress and my Strawberry flatform sandals... I am really going to miss wearing these shoes in the winter!!

Also, today is the big move!! I will be saying goodbye to East Anglia and hello to Cardiff! So I want to apologize in advance if my posts are not as frequent as I am starting a new job and moving into a new house!
Only slightly stressed...haha!

If any of my fellow bloggers are from the area and want to meet up, let me know!

Sarah xxx

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Ladybird Likes

I squealed with delight this week when I opened the post box to my new Ladybird Likes treats!
I was gifted a beautiful butterfly necklace and an anchor clip and I am completely in love!

The necklace is created by applying vintage illustrations to wood and then laser cutting it. All her butterflies vary in colour and size which means you can guarantee you will be wearing a stunning one off piece, yay!! The bow is again created with the laser cutter and then has the design engraved on to it. You can have the bow with a clip or a brooch pin, I opted for the clip so I could wear mine in my hair. I have a bit of an obsession with anchors (hence the tattoo) so I was more than excited to get styling with it! 

Also Ladybird likes has a fantastic website that links you to their store and blog which is definitely worth the read!

As always when I fall in love with items, these amazing items will be cropping up lots in my future Blog and Instagram posts!

I also had to share the amazing packaging with you, it was too beautiful not to!!

I teamed my beautiful new jewels with my lace Topshop dress, Glamorous studded leather jacket, lace socks and Dr Martens.

Sarah xxx

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

In Ruins

I was so happy this week when the beautiful Ryli sent me the most AMAZING handmade leather spiked choker and hand harness. She makes these stunning items out of vintage leather and will soon be opening up a site so all you lovelies can go and invest!! They are made to an exceedingly high quality and finish as well as looking absolutely fantastic on! 
You will be seeing a lot of these on my blog and Instagram as I completely in love with them!

Go check out her amazing blog -

I also wanted to share my new denim dungaree dress from Primark! It was a bargain at £12 and it is such a fantastic fit! It comes in a super soft denim with adjustable straps, button down sides and use able front pockets. I am wearing my dress with my black Topshop crop and Dr Martens.

 Thought it would be good to get some more detailed shots for you guys too and show you how intricately made they are!

Also, I am moving house in the next week so I want to apologize in advance if my posts become less frequent, I am moving jobs and location too so I will have lots going on!

Sarah xxx